Welcome to private swim lessons!  Our goal is to provide one-on-one swim instruction fit to the needs of each participant.  All abilities are welcome.  Some people take lessons to become more comfortable in water, some need basic swim instruction or want to refine a skill.  We are counting on you to let us know what your swim instruction needs are. 

•    Private swim lessons are scheduled for a 30 minute lesson.  Semi-Private Lessons are scheduled for 2 people for a 30 minute lesson.

•    Private swim lessons are not refundable.

•    All lessons must be completed within 6 months after time of purchase. 

•    Lessons are scheduled at a time that is convenient for both the instructor and participant, as long as it does not interfere with the existing pool schedule.

•    A goal for the classes should be discussed with the instructor.  What are you looking to improve on or what do you need to spend extra time on?  

•    If your instructor is sick or can’t make a lesson, it is the instructor’s responsibility to contact you directly and cancel or reschedule the lesson.  If the instructor fails to contact you, it will not count as one of the classes paid for.

•    If for some reason you are unable to make a scheduled lesson, it is your responsibility to call the instructor directly as well as the YMCA within 24 hours of the lesson.  Failure to contact the YMCA and the instructor for a cancelled lesson will count as one of the classes paid for.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for an instructor to contact you, to schedule the initial lesson.


  1. Purchase lessons at the Y Welcome Center Desk

  2. Provide the following information upon purchase: Days of the week you would prefer to have the lessons, time of day that would work best for you, any instructor preference, any special needs

  3. You will be assigned an instructor for your lessons, who will contact you directly to establish goals and lesson times.


Private Lessons

1 class | $15/member - $30/community participant

3 classes | $40/member - $80/community participant

6 classes | $70/member - $140/community participant (required if Special Needs)

Semi-Private Lessons

1 class | $26/member - $52/community participant

3 classes | $64/member - $128/community participant

6 classes | $105/member - $210/community participant

If there are concerns regarding your private lessons, please contact Jennie Mildebrandt, Director of Program Development, at 920-921-3330 ext. 315.