Please read our safety guidelines prior to your first fitness class.

Studio 1 Guidelines and Expectations

Studio 2 Guidelines and Expectations

Studio 3 Guidelines and Expectations

Studio 4 Guidelines and Expectations  

Land Fitness Schedules (April 1 - May 31): 

Studio 1            Studio 2

Studio 3            Studio 4  

For those of you who would like to see all the classes in one schedule: 

All Studios Schedule  

Pool Schedules:

Family Pool (April 16-May 22) revised 4-16-21

Lap Pool (April 5-May 22)

Reservations are required for Family Open Swim, Water Walking, Lap Swim and the Whirlpool (reopening on January 4, 2020)

Gym Schedules: 

Community Gym (April 11-30)

Family Gym EAST (April 11-30)

Family Gym WEST (April 11-30)

Reservations are required for basketball.

BASKETBALL CHANGES effective 2-1-21

FAQ's for safety in Group Fitness

How old do I have to be to take group fitness classes?

Group Fitness classes are open to members age 13 and up (unsupervised). Ages 11-12 may take Group Fitness Classes if accompanied by an adult (age 16+).

How is physical distancing being maintained in studios?

Group land exercise classes will be limited to a maximum capacity to allow for physical distancing; studio floors are marked in Studios 1 & 4 for equipment placement and set-up; Studio 2 floor is marked for bike placement - please refrain from moving stationary bikes; Studio 3 has a max capacity of 10 for small group training. 

Do I have to register for land group exercise classes?

Land group exercise classes are on a first come first served basis; reserving space prior to class for yourself or others is prohibited. Please refrain from setting up equipment no sooner than 15 minutes prior to class. 

How is physical distancing being maintained in water fitness classes?

Classes are limited to 26 maximum participants to allow for physical distancing and space is limited on a first come first served basis. The Family Pool will be marked to guide participants to their workout spot to allow for physical distancing during class.

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Fitness schedules are also posted by studio doors.