Wisconsin Youth in Government

Learn. Lead. Serve.

What is Youth in Government?

Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government is a youth-led civic engagement program for teens in grades 7-12 where student-delegates simulate Assemblies, Senate, Supreme Court, Media, and Executive Branch. Delegates from across Wisconsin convene at a Model Government conference each year to debate proposals they’ve written to improve our state.

Democracy must be learned by each generation

There are two ways to learn about government: The first is to read textbooks about what others have done. The second is to take that theoretical knowledge and apply it in an actual government setting. Guided by the above motto, our program builds, strengthens, and encourages life skills and positive character traits. such as confidence, respect, responsibility, advocacy, and public speaking skills. Our delegates are inspired to lead and empowered to create meaningful change.

How does it work?

YIG participants, called “delegates,” are given the choice between the following program areas:

LEGISLATURE Youth Representatives and Senators identify state issues important to them, their families, their schools, or their communities and write legislation to improve our state. Delegates present their bills in committee hearings at Pre-Gov and on the house and senate floors in the Capitol Building in Madison.

SUPREME COURT Judicial delegates play the dual role of lawyer and justice. Court members prepare for hearings and make arguments before Youth Justices. Each student will prepare a brief and argue their assigned side of a case, plus have an opportunity to serve on the bench and pass judgment on cases.

MEDIA Media delegates are responsible for reporting, producing, and publishing several news programs each day via newspaper and digital media. They interact with all program areas and report their findings to students and advisors at the conference.

EXECUTIVE BRANCH Comprised of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of State, these student leaders are voted in by their peers and serve the state program for the duration of their one-year term.

Why should you get involved?

• It’s a fun, challenging, non-partisan program filled with lots of opportunities for leadership.

• Spend a weekend in the state capitol in Madison, sitting in the same seats that our legislators do.

• Be encouraged to form your own opinions, express yourself, and find your voice.

• Hear from guest speakers who serve Wisconsin’s communities every day.

• It’s a great resumé-builder and an asset on a college application.

• Interact with students from other regions of the state who have different viewpoints than your own.

• Have powerful conversation on important issues in respectful and mind-opening ways.

• Meet new people and make friendships that will last a lifetime!

• Build skills for the real world, gaining traits you can’t learn from a test - critical thinking, professional skills, leadership, confidence, and character.


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